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Why You Should Get Up And Walk In The Morning

The benefits of going for a walk first thing in the morning go well beyond the physical. In fact, I believe if you’re going to do just one thing to improve your total well-being, making time for a morning walk should be that thing. 


Here is a list of 10 reasons why I believe that morning walks are vital.


1. Weight loss


Everyone talks about wanting to lose weight, but few of us are consistent with our gym visits. A moderate walk in the morning is an easy way to get some...

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Getting The Nutrients You Need: A Primer

Nutrients fall into one of the following categories. It’s important to recognize where your dietary nutrients are coming from and make sure you’re getting enough of them. 




Carbohydrates are compounds made up of types of sugars.


Not all carbs are created equal.


Refined carbs have been highly processed, and have had all the fiber removed from them. They are low in nutrients (empty calories), and can be extremely harmful. Studies show that refined...

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Common Sense Tips For Healthier Eating

Proper nutrition is important to good health.  At some point almost everyone says they want to eat healthier. Actually doing it, however, and doing it consistently, can prove to be difficult.


Instead of doing one big diet overhaul all at once, try implementing small changes incrementally. This allows you to make gradual changes that don’t feel overwhelming, increasing your chances to sticking with the changes, which in turn increase your chances of overall success.


The key to...

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