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What It Really Means To Surrender


Surrender means simply relinquishing control. Or more to the point, the illusion of control. 


We like to think we have much more control of things than we actually do. This isn’t to say you should feel helpless or develop a defeatist attitude. But you should know how to recognize the situations in which you may just need to let go.


Here are three things I know for sure about trying to control things:


1. We try to control things because of what we think will happen if we...

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Some Unconventional Wisdom About Finding Your Purpose


Your Purpose Can Be Elusive


Many think that purpose should be obvious and easy to identify. This idea can lead to much frustration and disappointment. More typically your purpose will slowly emerge as you put one foot in front of the other, following where your heart, talents and life seem to be leading you.

You may even go through a season where you long to find it, to the point that you feel deep emotional pain but can’t seem to find a clue anywhere. If you have this...

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Why ‘Trust No One’ Is Not A Good Mantra For Your Life

We’ve all been burned, all been betrayed in some form or another. When this happens, it’s a typical reaction to shy away from trusting people. 


It makes sense. If you don’t put your trust in someone, then they can’t hurt you, right?




Thinking this way does hurt. And here’s why you should resist the urge to fall into this trap.


For one thing, if you do not trust a person then they may well not trust you. People often end up acting in the way you treat...

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