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Tips For A Successful Colon Cleansing Experience

There is a lot of buzz about colon cleansing these days. Many swear by it, saying they feel healthier and cite a range of benefits from improved digestion to clearer skin.


There are three main strategies you can use when it comes to colon cleansing. You can cleanse through your diet; you can see a specialist for a colonic, or you can make use of a pre-packaged at home cleaning kit. Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.


Cleanse Your Colon Through Dietary Choices


This is all about adopting habits that promote colon health on an ongoing basis. Here are three easy-to-follow tips.


1. Eat more fiber and drink more water. This combination helps to bulk up your stool and decrease the amount of time that waste spends in your intestines.


2. Eat yogurt or other foods containing beneficial bacteria on a regular basis. These friendly flora help improve digestion, improve immune function, and maintain the health of your colon.


3. Finally, it goes without saying that you should reduce the amount of junk food, processed foods and exotoxins (aspartame, Splendid, Sweet’N Low, etc)  that you eat.


Getting A Colonic


If you choose to go the colon hydrotherapy route, here are some things you want to keep in mind. 


1. Read up on colon hydrotherapy and know the risks. Anything from mild discomfort in the abdomen to heart failure due to electrolyte imbalance can result as a side effect. Check with your regular health provider beforehand to make sure it's a safe option for you.


2. Find a reputable clinic that uses disposable equipment to avoid infection. 


3. Drink lots of water before and after your treatment. Colon hydrotherapy can be dehydrating, so you'll want to counteract that by getting enough fluids into your system.


4. Be realistic about the potential outcomes of the therapy. You may not cure yourself of arthritis or lose fifty pounds, but you can still feel rejuvenated and cleansed after the procedure.


5. Be proactive about living a colon-healthy life, with or without the help of colonics. This means drinking plenty of water, eating enough fiber-rich food, and staying active.


Using An At Home Cleansing Kit


There are many options for at home kits that you can use to cleanse. Most of the kits some in the form of pill packets, powders and occasionally liquids.


These can be an easy an affordable option for cleansing.


Here are a few tips for getting the most out an at-home cleanse kit.


1. Do your research. There are many different brands of cleansing kits on the market. Read the reviews and see which ones customers have had the best experience with. Look for a company that specializes in cleansing products as opposed to all kinds of supplements.


2. Take some time off. Taking these supplements can cause stomach cramping and frequent bowel movements. You may not want to deal with those things while you’re at work. In addition, the releasing of the toxins in your body may cause you to feel weak or sick for a short time while they’re being expelled from your body. It may be good to take a few days off so that you can rest while cleansing.


3. Start slowly. These kits can contain some powerful herb combinations. The truth is you won’t know exactly how your body will react to them until you take them. Before you commit to a 2-week at-home cleansing program, try doing a couple of days instead. You can always scale up if you need to. 


4.  Try cleansing products that may cleanse some of the other elimination organs as well.


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