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Why You Should Get Up And Walk In The Morning

The benefits of going for a walk first thing in the morning go well beyond the physical. In fact, I believe if you’re going to do just one thing to improve your total well-being, making time for a morning walk should be that thing. 


Here is a list of 10 reasons why I believe that morning walks are vital.


1. Weight loss


Everyone talks about wanting to lose weight, but few of us are consistent with our gym visits. A moderate walk in the morning is an easy way to get some movement into your day.


2. Keeps you energetic and dynamic


Morning walks can be a source of ample energy.  A simple walk in the morning can put some serious pep in your step. A brisk walk can really get your blood circulating, providing your muscles with some much-needed oxygen.


3. Boost immunity


A good walk can help relieves stress that in turn can bolster immunity. Also, the improved circulation serves to help the body rid itself of toxins. 


4. Reduces risk of heart disease


Morning walks have also been proven healthy for the heart as it helps get rid of extra and unwanted fats in the body which in turns maintains the cholesterol level in the body. This process reduces the risk of heart diseases to a great extent.


5. Say no to hypertension


Morning walks improve the circulation of the body. This is crucial for maintaining proper blood pressure and avoiding the risks of hypertension. 


6. Boost brain power


A good walk helps to keep you alert and mindful. It can also help with creativity. Some of my best ideas occur to me on my morning walks. 


7. Get the proper sleep


Regular exercise is one of the keys to maintaining a normal sleep cycle.


8. Better circulation


Getting the blood flowing through the body will prevent all sorts of nasty diseases down the road. 


9. Reduce cravings


Regular exercise has been shown to reduce cravings, particularly sugar cravings in the body. 



10. Health is wealth


Your health is your wealth. When you stay fit and healthy, you are better able to carry on your daily tasks.      Therefore, allowing you to live your purpose and to show up in the world in a better, healthier state.

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