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The Greatest Love Of All

As women, we tend to super hard on ourselves. And we’re socialized to make sure everyone around us is doing well and that they feel loved. And too often we neglect ourselves in the process. 


We are trained to think that filling our own wells is a selfish act. But the paradox is that the more we care for ourselves first, the more we then have to give to others.


So how do you practice self-love?


Be kind to yourself. Don't be so hard on yourself. Don't say or do things to...

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The Art Of Forgiveness

Everyone has been done wrong at some point in their lives. Some worse than others. And in turn, some handle it better than other people do. When someone wrongs us, the last thing we want to do at the moment is to be the bigger person and forgive but here’s why it’s important.


When talking about forgiveness, it’s important to remember that while you may not be able to control your emotions, you can control how you react to them. You can’t always control a situation, but you can...

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Getting The Most Out Of Being A Mentor

It takes a village…


This is more than just a saying. Successful leaders often talk about mentoring as critical to their success.


If it worked for them, the rest of us should consider following suit. The following six tips are key to a successful mentoring experience, for both parties.


1. Set Goals


Share your career, life and development goals at the outset. Goals inform your mentor as to how she can help. In the absence of goals, mentoring is tactical and deals with...

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